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March, 2005


We at Phase To, Inc. are pleased to bring you the debut issue of Phase To - Noise Management News.  This newsletter is aimed at bringing our readers new and insightful developments in the fields of Noise Control, Acoustics, and Hearing Conservation that are relevant to today’s industrial world.  This newsletter welcomes new ideas, diverse approaches and opinions on the many challenging and complex problems facing industry in trying to reduce noise, eliminate hearing loss and meet regulatory obligations.


This newsletter will provide a wide ranging look at many different areas including noise control products, environmental noise issues, strategies for managing hearing conservation programs, hearing protection, industrial facility acoustics, OEM equipment design and communication issues.  We believe that the variety of information will appeal to engineers, maintenance, production managers as well as people directly involved in health and safety/industrial hygiene.  


We welcome input, comments and ideas from our readers on any of the topics presented in this newsletter.  We also will continue to seek input from industry professionals interested in joining our forum for ideas and opinions.  If you wish to contribute or collaborate on an article please contact us.


There are many interesting and exciting ideas presented in this debut issue and we hope you take the time to read and explore the concepts presented here and they provide you with insight into managing your noise and sound related issues.


Phase To – Noise Management News will be published on a quarterly basis and is available on our website at www.phaseto.com.  You can also submit an email to phasetonewsletter@phaseto.com and we will add you to our mailing list so that you can receive an electronic copy delivered to you inbox.  We will also be issuing versions of this newsletter that focus on Environmental Noise & Vibration issues as well as a newsletter dealing with OEM Noise Control.  Please visit our website for more information.


Thank you for reading, its our goal to continue to inform, challenge and increase your understanding as we evolve into the leading industry source for Noise Management News!



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